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Back to school after Golden Week-Shooting Star-April 30th-June 10th

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our blog again! This blog contains two weeks of fun-learning activities.

Shooting Star class has resumed the class as usual after the Golden Week. Everyone came back to school with happy memories from vacation. It was wonderful hearing the lovely stories of our dear little ones as they shared their happy experiences.

For our UOI, after talking about the learner profile, students have decided the new set of roles that students need to do by themselves such as; Greet everyone cheerfully, Sit nicely and listen to the speaker, Walk down the hallway, Use bathroom properly, Play nicely and be kind, Use our word, and lastly, Try eating even foods we don’t like. Medals will be given to champions who apply the learner profile through their actions.


さて、今週のUOIでは、シューティングスターとしてどんなことを頑張りたいか?どんなことが出来るのか?みんなで話し合いました。”Greet everyone cheerfully, Sit nicely and listen to the speaker, Walk down the hallway, Use bathroom properly…” などなど、子ども達が自分たちで考え答えてくれました。そして、どの事柄もIBラーナープロファイルに基づいていることに気づきました。


For phonics, we continued doing the uppercase and lowercase ice cream matching activity. Shooting Class finds this activity interesting. It enhances our letter recognition skills which are crucial for our reading and writing development. We do it everyday at our workstations along with writing uppercase letters, counting numbers, and cutting papers with scissors. We have started practice writing the lowercase letters. This week we started writing lowercase letter a. We sent a laminated worksheet to practice writing at home as well. Please check your child’s craft bag.

毎週金曜日はライティングの日!今までは大文字のアルファベットでしたが、今週から小文字の練習がはじまりました!シューティングスターのライティングの目標は「小文字が書けるようになる」です。今日は a を書く練習をしました。また、お家でも好きな時に練習ができるように、ライティングシートを持ち帰っています。是非お子様と一緒にやってみてください🎵

Mother’s Day is taking place this coming Sunday. With that in mind, we made a flower to honor and appreciate our beloved moms. We can’t wait to surprise our moms with the flowers carefully made with our tiny hands. Happy Mother’s Day!

母の日のクラフトをしました🌹 “My mom cooks (at home)” “My mom kiss me”など、お母さんが家でどんな役割をしているのか話した後、そんなお母さんにみんなで何かプレゼントしよう!と話すと “Yeah!!!”と大喜び😊細かい直線を一生懸命丁寧に切ってカーネーションの花を作りました。

We understand that indoor play is very important to us as it helps us socialize with our friends and it engages us in imaginative play. We enjoy the nature as we walk to the park and bug hunting has been one of our favorite things to do in the park.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone.