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Savanna: Kodomo-No-Hi, Our Class Book and LOI#1 Reflection – April 30-May 9

We read about Japan’s very own Children’s Day “Kodomo-No-Hi”. A day so special that it is a national holiday! We made kashiwa-mochi craft and koinobori origami. We cut, we crushed, we folded and ‘ate’ our mochi. This will make us grow big and strong!

We wrapped up our first Line of Inquiry (LOI#1) with a class book! Inspired by the many books we have read, Savanna curated our very own class book “Our Class”. We thought of what each page should be about, the photographs and we even included drawings. A big shout-out to a new addition to Savanna – WELCOME! She joined us on 1st May and now we have 15 students. Each student worked on an individual reflection too. “I am a student in Savanna. I go to gym. I play with my friends. I take the bus to gym. Play pianica. I go to Central pool. Have lunch together.

We had great fun just enjoying one another’s company – playing dress up, making a giant lollipop, building a tunnel for cars and talking our walks. Last but not least, we have a mission for this week – a TOP SECRET job entrusted to each Savanna student! We hope that Savanna can complete their mission over the weekend – a mission related to one of the most important person in this entire universe!!! Happy Mother’s Day! Till next week, have a fantastic weekend.