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We Did It! (Canyon March 23-27)

It has been an amazing year watching Canyon students grow. We had so many great moments together like the first time we saw them write their first letter correctly, or the moment they were able to put on and zip their jacket by themselves, and even when they finally were able to count the number of students present for the day without stopping. We are so proud of you, Canyon!


To our dear parents, it was a great pleasure to have your children in our class this year. We learned so many things and your children are very proud of what they can do now. Thank you very much that you have entrusted your children to our care for this school year.
For the final week of this school year, Canyon presented their diorama and told the class what kind of diorama they made and named the animals in it. Well done!


今年度最後の活動として、自分たちの作った生息地のジオラマの発表をしました。クラスのみんなに向かって、何のジオラマを作ったのか、ジオラマには何の動物がいるのかを発表しました。みんなとても上手に出来てました。Well done!

Spring is a season of new beginnings. Fresh buds bloom and butterflies will be spotted too. Canyon made a butterfly craft using coffee filter paper soaked in a diluted paint for the wings and pipe cleaner rolled in between the wings as its body and antenna. What a colorful Spring butterfly!


Good bye, SY 2019-2020!