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Good Manners! (Canyon)

Smile! Say hello! Be nice! Use please and thank you! Good manners! Teaching children good manners is very important because they will carry it until they grow old.
In our class, we tried to act out the Magic Words that we discussed. The first situation is someone celebrating his birthday and his friend greeting and giving him a gift. They used “Thank you and You’re welcome”. Another is someone has balloons and another kid wants to have one. They asked their friends nicely  and said the magic words after.

Canyon students also watched a video entitled “Fill Your Bucket” and learned that they can fill their buckets when they are kind, when they are nice, when they help, and when they smile. Initiatively, they tried to imitate what is shown in the video like holding their friends hands, putting their arms around their friends shoulders, and smiling with their friends. They enjoyed watching it!
「Fill Your Bucket」というビデオを見て、みんなが誰かに親切にした時、優しくした時、誰かを助けた時、笑った時に自分たちのバケツが満たされることを知りました。みんなでお友達の手を握ったり、肩を組んだり、お友達に笑いかけたりして、ビデオで見たことをさっそく実践してみました!

They had a good time in the gym while stretching their bodies, running back and forth, jumping using one of their legs, rolling around pretending like sweet potatoes, and passing through in a tunnel!

We had an Uppercase Letter Recognition activity this week. We started reviewing the letters randomly by asking them altogether what letter was shown in each flashcard and we did that individually, too. Most of them have recognized the first 13 random letters correctly! Well done, Canyon!
今週はアルファベット大文字を認識するアクテビティをしました。順番通りではなく、ランダムにアルファベットのカードを見せて、何の文字かを聞いたり、一人ずつ同じような質問もしました。ほとんどのキャニオンさん達が、最初の13文字のアルファベットを正しく認識することが出来ました。Well done, Canyon!

In Math, they have been taught that the numbers written as 1, 2,… are called Cardinal Numbers and the numbers written as 1st, 2nd,… are called Ordinal numbers. On the following days they will learn how to read Ordinal Numbers.
Have a great weekend! Thanks for reading our blog!