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Every day is Art day! (Milky Way)

Hello everyone!
This week we continue with our art exploration as we learned another element of art, which is SHAPE!
After finishing our lesson about lines with our scribble art activity, we already moved on to shapes. We learned that shapes are made of lines and it is made when a line encloses an area. In class, the students drew all the geometric shapes that they know and they also made their own organic shapes, which are the more free-flowing shapes.

Then, we read excerpts from the book Shape Shift, which is about two shapes that transform into different pictures. The Milky Way class enjoyed making their own Shape Shift project and it definitely shows how creative and imaginative they all are. We also had so much fun in our printmaking activity using shape sponges. This activity was kind of messy, but their artworks all turned out wonderful.

The Milky Way class also had so much fun in Tennis this week. The students practiced different ball exercises that help them further develop their gross motor skills. They are also starting to get a good grip of the big tennis rackets!

This week was also extra special because we visited another art museum! We saw fascinating works of art and we even observed some of the elements that we learned in class. Each of the students chose their favorite art piece and explained why they like them. It is a blessing to see the beauty in the simplest of things.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!