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Canyon July 22-26

Teaching our children/students to be independent even at their very young age, contributes a lot to what they will become in the future!
Our class has been learning how to keep our classroom clean and tidy. We made class agreement which we called “Canyon Daily Duties” such as: to keep their table free from dirt after eating like what we discussed before if they drop/spill something on their table they need to pick/wipe it, to put away all the toys after playing, to put their belongings such as chopsticks, towel, lunch bag, water bottle, toothbrush, etc. at their proper places, and to keep their chairs and tables organized.
We also want them to apply this at home, so we asked them to bring a picture of themselves helping their parents do household chores that they can do independently. We showed their pictures to the class, and asked them what they were doing in the picture. They were very happy and proud that they can help their parents and made them happy!

We read a story entitled “Rooney’s Adventure”. In this story, Canyon learned how to be caring, principled, and inquirer. This book is also related to our UOI “Clean and Dirty” with the central idea “We clean up after ourselves” There was a situation wherein Rooney decided to help his sick friends by cleaning the dirty beach. First he found out where were those dirt came from. And even though he was afraid of the octopus, he became brave just to solve this problem. This characters in this book also showed independence and cooperation. Rooney proved that he can solve the problem on his own and the octopus agreed and helped Rooney in cleaning the dirty beach.
To determine if they already knew the difference between Clean and Dirty, I challenge them through a game! I showed them different pictures, and they had to identify each picture if it’s clean or dirty. If their answer is clean, they need to line up in front of a chair labelled as CLEAN and if dirty, they should line up in front of a chair labelled as DIRTY. Everyone did a great job in this activity because they were able to answer correctly!
Next week, it will be the end of our lesson about clean and dirty and of course we’ll have our assessment.
Keep updated through our weekly blog for our next lessons! Thank you!