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Canyon July 8-12

Monday was very memorable for Canyon students because we went to a different and bigger park! Finally, we had a fine weather for our bus trip! Everyone enjoyed playing in the water fountain. At first they hesitated to go into the water, but when they experienced how fun it was, they didn’t want to stop playing already.

After that water activity, we had our lunch under the tree. For the second time, they ate the bento lunch that their mommies/daddies had prepared. That was perfect for your children’s empty tummy!
Of course, that day won’t be completed without them playing in the playground! It was a large playground equipment! No wonder everyone had fun playing!
噴水遊びの後は、木陰でお待ちかねのお弁当タイム♫ お母さん、お父さんが作ってくれたお弁当をみんなで座っていただきました。愛情たっぷりのお弁当ありがとうございました!
This week, Canyon enjoyed the song for the letter M! While they were coloring their worksheet, they sang the song…
M is for mouse…
M is for monkey…
M is for mat…
M is for moon…
M is for mug…
M is for mushroom…
M is for mailbox…
You can also ask your children to try this at home! I’m sure they knew it!
For them to be more familiar with the different landforms and bodies of water, I showed them videos of those vocabularies like a volcano eruption, high mountains, cave adventure, beach waves, etc.

We played Bingo in recognizing numbers 1 to 10! Each of them had a Bingo number card. Their teacher will call a particular number and if they have it in their card they have to mark this with a tiny soft ball. Then, if all the numbers in their card are already called, they have to say “BINGO”! Next time, we’ll try more strategies in playing bingo. They also tried writing number 1. First, they wrote by tracing broken lines to form number 1. Then, they tried writing it on their own.
We also had a playful gym class. Aside from stretching activities, Canyon enjoyed our parachute games like making waves and making a big round house! In making waves, boys and girls had to take turns in sitting on the middle of the parachute and make waves by holding the around the tip of the parachute. Another game was everyone needs to hold the tip of the parachute with both hands, and as they heard the whistle they needed to go underneath the parachute, sat on its tip, and they formed a big round house. Everyone was so amazed how big it was! They really had fun!

We created a collage for our craft this week. Using various paper cutouts such as flowers, leaves, and branches, they were able to make their own collage design. In this craft, they were able to choose, plan, and design on their own which shows one the the PYP Skills that is Research Skills.

Let’s see more of their fun and exciting activities through our blog next week! Happy long weekend!