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Canyon June 3-7

Hello, June!
This week the 3-4 years old students learned about the different foods. We began our lesson with a song entitled “Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?”. And it seems that everyone likes this song because during our lunch they sing this song and try to mix up words with the food they have in lunch.
6月になりました!今週キャニオンさんはいろいろな食べ物について学習しています。レッスンで「Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream?(ブリッコリーアイスクリーム)は好き?)」という歌を歌いました。みんなこの歌がとても気にいったようです。ランチタイムには、この歌を口ずさんだり、色んな食べ物をミックスして先生やお友達に「Do you like …..? (〇〇は好き?)」などと聞いています。
For this week, we focused on the different fruits and vegetables. We sang a fruit song in the tune of “The Wheels on the Bus” like “I am a cherry, round and red, round and red, round and red. And taste really good”. For the vegetable song we sang in the tune of “London Bridge is Falling Down” like “We are carrots big and round, big and round, big and round. We are carrots big and round, seated on the ground”. With these songs, we’re able to review colors, shapes, and sizes.
食べ物の中でも、今週はフルーツや野菜についてたくさん学びました。The Wheels on the Bus(バスの歌)と同じ曲調のフルーツの歌を歌ったり、「ロンドン橋」と同じ曲調の野菜の歌を歌ったりして楽しみました。これらの歌を歌いながら色、形、サイズについても復習することが出来ました。
We read two stories about fruits and vegetables, too. The first story is entitled “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” which is about a caterpillar who eats different lots food but at the end is still hungry. We found out that only leaves can make this caterpillar satisfied and grow. Another is entitled “Broccoli Story” that is about a broccoli who thinks she’s ugly and kids don’t like and love her because of her curly hair. But with the help of her vegetable friends she realized that kids love her whatever she looks like.
Canyon students were able to choose what fruit and vegetable they like. They practiced saying the phrases “I like…(fruit/vegetable)” and they did it in front of their friends. In this, we’re developing their self-confidence in front of the crowd.
フルーツや野菜の学習をした後、自分たちの一番好きなフルーツと野菜をひとつ選びました。それを、”I like…(fruit/vegetable)” というフレーズを使って、お友達の前で発表をしました。みんなの前で自信をもってお話をする練習になりました。

In phonics, we learned about letter H as in hammer, house, hippopotamus, and horse. They were able to colour that letter and the pictures that begin with letter H. Some of them showed improvement in coloring skills. They also wrote this letter in three strokes. First, we tried to write it in the air using our mother fingers. Then, they did it in paper.
フォニックスの学習では、今週はHの音とHで始まる単語、hammer(ハンマー)、 house(家)、 hippopotamus(かば)、horse(馬)を覚えました。これらの単語の絵を色塗りしました。4月から続けている色塗りですが、線からはみ出さず上手に塗れるようになってきた子が増えてきました。また3画で書く練習もしました。最初は人差し指を高く上げて、空中に書く練習をしました。それから紙の上でなぞり書きをしました。
A new musical instrument was played by our 3-4 year olds this day! Maracas (Shakers) are given to them and did some exciting activities. In a beat of music, they flicked their wrist in a short, downward motion as if they’re tapping something with maracas.

That’s all for this week! Happy weekend!