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The start of Summer: Time for new beginnings

Hello, everyone! An exciting week full of new beginnings is behind us.
The class has started getting ready for the upcoming Sports festival. We have spend Monday and Thursday discussing everyone’s ideas for choreographing the performance. Ultimately, we have decided on a dance inspired by various sports that Grade 4, 5 and 6 students love and do in their personal time: skiing, soccer, tennis, jazz dance, cheerleading… 🎾
On Thursday, the students started practicing a couple of the many games that they will do during the Sports festival and on Friday, the were shown the first steps of the bon-bon dance, which they will perform together with Grade 3, 2 and 1 students. Some parents have already generously offered to lend tennis rackets and balls to the students for their dance performance! Thank you for your support. 🏐
In other news, the students have started inquiring into the second Unit of Inquiry of this school year, dealing with artificial intelligence, its significance for our society and the ways it helps (or damages?) us. The students seemed to enjoy discussing this topic and exploring different ways AI is currently present around us and the ways it will present in the near future: from self-driving cars, over robots that found employment in hospitals, to first officially recognized AI citizens. 🤖
Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to visit the students during Thursday’s Open Day, showed interest in their learning and allowed them to show them the things that they found the most interesting. It was lovely having you.
This week’s Math lesson saw us finished our month-long exploration of fractions, while the Computer lesson saw us continue learning how to program in Logo, this time drawing arcs and making the computer choose random numbers for us. In language lesson, after practicing passive voice for the past three weeks, we turned to the concepts of might, can, could, must and should. The students already seem to have an extensive knowledge of these. 💪
I hope you have a lovely, relaxed weekend!
言語のクラスでは、3週間にわたり受動態を勉強してきましたが、今度は、might, can, could, must、shouldのコンセプトを勉強し始めました。皆、既にこれらについて幅広い知識を持っているいるようです。