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Canyon April 8-12, 2019

Good job, Canyon students!
Canyon students(3 years old) welcomed their new friend last Tuesday- April 9th, 2019 together with other new students of International school of Nagano (ISN) for this school year during our Welcome Ceremony.
We had so much fun as we do the activities for this week.
First, we had our craft which is the “Koinobori”. We used colorful papers for its scales, body, and tail which got the interest of our students and made them excited to do their craft on their own.

We also had our Music lesson which was very new for them since its their first time to had this kind of activity. The Canyon students had played the percussion instrument “castanets” for the first time while singing a song. They also enjoyed the activity we had in which they were able to follow the instructions in doing some actions with musical accompaniment.

Canyon students also started to recognize and count numbers with different exciting song and activities. Most of them did a great job in tracing different kinds of lines which shows that they are now ready for more writing activities.

Everyone are enjoying their toys in our classroom. Girls are having a good time playing kitchen tools, different food toys, stuffed toys, and dolls while boys are very much interested in dealing with toy cars and tools, and puzzle blocks. They are also learning how to share their toys with their friends.
Can’t wait for our next week’s activities! Have a great weekend everyone!