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Hello October!!!🎃
This week, our youngsters worked very hard in the field! They had a wonderful experience in harvesting sweet potatoes and rice! It was quite hard to dig the soil using hands, but our little ones managed it!✨ Everyone had so much fun and felt so proud of their hard work. It’s true that the fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest… Enjoy your yummmyyyyy sweet potatoes!🤩


Also, we had a chance to help the farmers in harvesting rice.🌾 Our young ones picked up a bunch of rice and gave it to the farmers. Aside from rice, we also saw little frogs and insects around the field.🐸🐛 It was truly a great experience for our youngsters to be risk-takers in trying new things!⭐ Well done, Canyon!!!👏🏻
Let’s all give credit and appreciation to our farmers for their wonderful caring work and for providing us food to eat.🙇🏻‍♀🙇🏻‍♂


This month, we started our Unit of Inquiry 3 wherein we discussed “How We Express Ourselves”. In our LOI1, we talked about “Expressing and Identifying our Feelings”. This line of inquiry aims to let the students be open to what they feel and learn how express their feelings and emotions. We explained to them that whether you are happy, sad, angry, worried, frustrated, etc., your feelings and emotions are valid and there’s nothing wrong in expressing it.👫🏻
In our Prior Assessment, we asked our youngsters some questions such as: do you think feelings and emotions are the same? and do you think our feelings and emotions are important? Some of them said “yes” and some said “no”. On the first question, the answer is: No. Feelings and emotions are not the same. Feelings are mental association and reactions to emotions, while Emotions are our physical response to a situation. On the second question, the answer is Yes.
It was good to know that our little ones have different perspectives and ideas about our lesson. To know why we have feelings, we watched this educational video:

今月からUnit of Inquiry(探究の単元)3「私たちはどのように自分を表現するのか」が始まりました。LOI1では「自分の感情を表現し、識別する」···自分が感じる気持ち、感情を、表現する方法を学びます。「嬉しい」「悲しい」「怒っている」「心配」「イライラしている」など、自分の気持ちや感情は正当で大切な物なんだよ、それを表現するのは何も悪い事でないんだよ、とみんなに伝えました👫🏻。はじめに「気持ちと感情って同じかな?」「私たちの気持ちや感情って大切なのかな?」と子ども達に聞いてみました。YesとNoのどちらの答えも返ってきましたが···皆さんは、どう思いますか?最初の質問に対する答えは「No」です。感情と感覚は同じではありません。フィーリングは精神的な連想や感情に対する反応であり、エモーションは状況に対する私たちの身体的な反応です。2つ目の質問については、もちろん答えは「Yes」です。子どもたちが異なる視点や考えを持っていると知る事ができ、充実したレッスンとなりました。

In our phonics lesson, we learned letter O, its sound and the words begin with it such as: octopus, omelette, ostrich, onion, orange and oven. For our activity, we made an Octopus!🐙 Our young ones colored and cut the letter O and the tentacles. It was the cutest and most colorful octopus I’ve ever seen!😍

フォニックスのレッスンでは、Oの文字とその音、Octopus, Omelette, Ostrich, onion, orange, ovenなど、Oから始まる単語を学びました。アクティビティでは、 Oの文字と8本の縦線が書かれた紙を色塗りしたらハサミでカットし、今まで見た中で一番可愛くてカラフルなタコを作りました🐙😍!線からはみ出さずに色を塗ろうとしたり、できるだけ真っ直ぐハサミで切ろうとしたり、どの子も工夫して真剣に取り組んでいました✨

Our family is getting bigger!!!🌻 We felt so happy and delighted as we welcomed the new members of our Canyon class! We were glad that they had a fantastic first week of school at ISN.🌟


Have an awesome long weekend everyone!🍁