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Japanese Cultural Event – Milky Way 10/3 – 10/7

Time flies in the Milky Way Class as we have already started this school year’s Unit 3: Celebrations. This unit will talk about How We Organize Ourselves. We will inquire about how Cultural Events connect beliefs, values, and people around the world and will focus on Japanese Cultural or Traditional Events and Celebrations Around the World.

速いもので、ミルキーウェイクラスでは今年度のUnit 3: Celebrationsが始まりました!このユニットでは、「私たちはどのように自分自身を表現するか」について話します。 文化的な行事がどのように世界中の信念、価値観、人々を結びつけているのか、そして日本の文化的、伝統的な行事や世界の祝祭に焦点をあてていきます。

This unit will expose our students to different traditional events and cultures and widen their understanding of the world. Each lesson will give the students the opportunity to dig into deeper information about the events and experience it as well through craft, food tasting, song, and dancing.


This week we have started to look into one of the Japanese Cultural Events, which our students love the most, Children’s day. Through our research using videos, we learned the reason why it is being celebrated and why we hang koinobori and eat mochi when we celebrate this event.


We closed the discussion by doing our own little Samurai Helmet and singing a song about koinobiri!


The fun has just started and we can’t wait to experience more Japanese Cultural Events.


Children’s day Song

During our golden time (Workstation), The students practiced their spelling skills. They were tasked to identify what is the image given and tried to spell the name using the magnets. They aced the activity and had a wonderful time sounding the letters and coming up with the correct spelling on their own.


A long weekend is ahead of us, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday!