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HOW DO YOU FEEL? – Canyon October 11th-14th

Hi, how are you feeling today?😊
This week, our youngsters learned how to share their feelings with their friends by working with them in a group activity. First, we asked them to share how they feel with their groupmates and let them decide and choose the right eyes and mouth for their worksheet to express their feelings. This group activity aims to help our young ones to build a stronger relationship with their friends by sharing and expressing how they feel.👫🏻 Well done!🤩

こんにちは!ご機嫌いかがですか😊?今週は、お友達と気持ちを共有する方法を学びました。ペアになって「笑ってる顔(happy face)を作ろう!」「僕はcheeky(生意気)の顔が好き!」とお互いの意見を伝え合い、どんな表情を作るか決めました。いろいろな形のある目と口のイラストから、決めた顔の表情のパーツを切り取り貼って、たくさんの違う表情が出来上がりました。このグループアクティビティは、自分の気持ちを相手に伝えたり相手の話も聞いたりし共有することで、お友達とより強い関係を築くことを目的としています👫🏻 よくできました!🤩。

Monthly drill at school is very important because this can help to reduce confusion, panic, and any disorderly behaviour of the children. It also helps familiarize teachers and other responsible people with their role during an emergency. This month’s Fire drill was a special one because we had visitors from Nagisa Fire Station. They taught and explained the do’s and don’ts and the safety precautions when fire 🔥 occurs. We also had a demonstration on how to use a fire extinguisher properly.✨ Our youngsters were so amazed by the fire truck! They said, “the fire truck is big!”.🚒


In our phonics, we are now learning letter P and its sound. We also talked about the words that begin with it such as: pizza, persimmon, pirate, pineapple, and park.
For our writing lesson, they traced uppercase letter P. Their fine motor skills have improved a lot!🤩 Impressive, Canyon!👏🏻

フォニックスでは、Pの文字とその音、Pizza(ピザ), persimmon(柿), pirate(海賊), pineapple(パイナップル), park(公園)など、Pから始まる単語について学習しました。ライティングのレッスンでは、大文字のPをなぞりました!鉛筆を握る指先の力や、正確に線をなぞろうとする集中力もついてきています!🤩 👏🏻

The season has changed and it’s getting colder now.🍁 Our youngsters need more of gross motor exercises! They love doing various physical activities in the gym such as: running around, dancing, jumping over the rope, crawling, walking like a penguin and duck, and racing. They enjoyed it so much!🌟


Have a good weekend everyone!✨