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We had a good time interacting with our friends’ pet- Canyon(September 4th-8th)

Hello everyone,

We have talked about “How to take care of the animals” in our previous Line of Inquiry 2, and this week, we invited 2 of the parents from our class and they talked to us about how they take care of their pets at home. One was a rabbit and the other was a dog. They talked about the foods they eat, their toys, what their pet gives them, and what happens if they don’t take care of their pets. Kids asked a lot of questions and after that, they had time to interact, they touched and gave their food too.


This week, we started the Line of Inquiry 3 which is about”The things animals give us”. We did the worksheet cutting and pasting the product they think they can get from animals like cows, chickens, sheep, and a pig. The products they had were milk, eggs, meat, wool, and more. Some kids were able to match correctly, and some kids were confused. It was a good try.

今週は、”The things animals give us “をテーマにしたLine of Inquiry 3が始まりました。探究を進める前に、私たちの身の回りにある食べ物や洋服はどこから与えられているのかをどのくらい理解できているのか、 ワークシートを用意しました。牛乳、卵、肉、羊毛などのイラストを用意し、牛、鶏、羊、豚の中からどの動物から得られるのか考えました。豚から卵をもらっていると考えている子も多く、とても興味深い活動になりました。これからの探究を通して理解を深め、一番最後に同じワークシートに取り組んでみんなの理解を確認してみたいと思います。


We did the loiterer drill and we pretended that there was a stranger. We closed the doors and windows kept quiet and stayed in one corner. Two police officers came and explained to us the rules to avoid strangers. Kids listened carefully when the teacher and also the police officers explained about IKA NO O SUSHI. which means Ika refers to not go with strangers, No refers to not being in a stranger’s car, O refers recommends that you make a big voice when you think it’s dangerous. Su is to run away from the place immediately and Shi means to ask or tell an adult about the suspicious person. This crime prevention slogan cultivates the spirit of helping and protecting oneself and ensure the safety of children.


Canyon students have a blast playing in our newly constructed yard.


Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful weekend.