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How we express ourselves-Canyon(October 10th-13th)

Hello everyone,

Unit 3 has started and we will be learning about our feelings and emotions. Our Transdisciplinary theme is “How to express ourselves.” For the Line of Inquiry 1, we will be focusing on “Identifying and describing feelings.” We did the prior assessment by asking the kids what are the feelings they know. We connected the last unit to our learning now and we read a book and talked about the animals living in the water who were trapped because of the plastic waste people threw in the water. Kids expressed their sad feelings about it. But when the animals were able to escape and free to swim in the clean water, the kids felt happy. We gave some examples of situations wherein they could express how they felt. Some of those feelings are happy, sad, angry, nervous, proud, worried, sick and scared. We then asked students to show us their happy faces, sad, angry, surprised,d and scared. We did a little activity ” Guess what’s my feeling”. We asked each student to pick up the card and demonstrate that feeling in front of their friends and their friends have to guess what feeling they are showing. They look so funny and cute.


ユニット3が始まり、私たちは自分の気持ちや感情について学んでいます。テーマは “自分を表現する方法 “です。探究の流れ1”感情を特定し説明する”では、子ども達にどんな感情を知っているかを尋ねました。前回のユニットと今回の学習を結びつけ、本を読みながら、水中に住む動物たちが、人々が捨てたプラスチックごみに引っかかってしまい満足に泳げない事を説明し「どんな気持ち?」と質問すると、子ども達はそれについて悲しい気持ちを表現しました。しかし、その動物たちがゴミから逃れ、きれいな水の中で自由に泳げるようになったとき、子ども達は幸せな気持ちになりました。このように、シチュエーションと共に嬉しい、悲しい、怒っている、恥ずかしい、誇りに思っている、心配している、病気になっている、怖いなど様々な感情を答える事ができました。そして、嬉しい顔、悲しい顔、怒っている顔、驚いている顔、怖がっている顔も表現してもらいました。みんな表情豊かでとてもかわいかったです。

We conducted an earthquake drill and the firefighters came to school and observed how we were doing. When the bell rang, and the office staff shouted “There’s an earthquake!” all the students went under the table and hid to protect themselves. When the shaking stopped all of them got ready to evacuate by putting on their hats and followed the teacher to evacuate outside quietly. They were able to recall the rules when evacuating. We listened to the firefighter’s explanation and then some teachers did the fire extinguisher training. It was a good experience for us all.


We are excited for the upcoming Halloween party next week and we made our craft to be displayed in the gym. Our students enjoyed making the mummy and wrapping the body with a bandage using the paper they cut and stuck them on. Another craft we did was making a spider on the spider web. Kids chose the color they liked and painted the paper plate but we had to wait for it to let it dry. We are excited about the outcome of our work


Outdoor play and Park day レインフォレストと一緒に公園に行ってきました。

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Keep warm and see you next week.