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Welcome to our Unit 3-Shooting Star-Oct. 9-13

Hello Everyone,

It’s so great to share with you what we have done this week in Shooting Star class.

We just set about on our third unit with our Transdisciplinary Theme, “How We Express Ourselves” and our Central Idea, “The better way to communicate with others.” For our first line of inquiry, we would like to explore on identifying and learning how to manage our feelings with activities that we are going to carry out as we go through our line of inquiry. We began our class discussion with a mind map activity. A question was thrown to students of what COMMUNICATION is and their ideas were truly surprising and the most remarkable part of their answer was the fact that the three important factors for communication which is SPEAKING, LISTENING, AND THINKING were mentioned. Good job, Shooting Star class for being sensible with your thoughts. We made a little change of our class set up. We changed the color of the wall into something pink which later on we will use for our work display. We designed a corner for our Puppet Theater where students can enjoy playing dress up and puppet show on their own to develop their communication skills. We also use this area for reading Kamishibai and other story books. As they utilize this area, a lot of communication is happening throughout their play.

Halloween Party is coming soon. With that in mind, we made a Halloween craft which students enjoyed making. First we chose three same color Origami papers that we preferred, folded them like an accordion then, fold the accordion in half and applied glue to one of the edges and connected them to make a face. We made three kinds of Halloween characters, pumpkin, ghost, and bat. We then cut out the face parts and glued them on the face and the outcome brought us delight seeing the result of the the Halloween character that we wanted to make.

The most exciting part of this week was our long walk to Nambu park. We did it for the first time, but it was a total success. Then, for the second time, we went back again with Milky Way class. We enjoyed picking up some acorns, watching trains go by, and playing at the play structure.

Here are the list of songs with their corresponding link that we are singing this month.

  1. Good Morning Song-
  2. Phrase Song-
  3. Jump Out Words-
  4. Monthly Song (Mickey Mouse March)-
  5. Emotion Song-
  6. Halloween Dance-
  7. Goodbye Song-
  8. CVC Words with -ig Word Family-

Please play these songs for your children to listen at home. It would be a great help for them.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.