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I’m proud of myself- Canyon (October 16-20)


We started the day singing and dancing together in the circle time.


We enjoyed the sunny days this week. On our park day, we went to explore the park and we went there for the first time. We saw the trees that changed their colors into orange, and yellow and some were red. The kids were excited to explore and couldn’t wait to start playing. There was high play equipment and they tried to climb up and down. It wasn’t easy to reach the top but they watched out of their actions and were able to do it by themselves. After playing, we went and saw the acorns on the ground. They had a blast picking them up and brought them to school. We are excited to make something out of it.


I’m proud of myself!

We encourage children to learn and remember new phrases to enhance and motivate them to speak English most of the time. This week, we learned the phrase “I’m proud of myself” In some situations, kids were able to try and do things by themselves, like immersing their heads in the water during swimming lesson, and did the line tracing well for the first time. We encouraged them to say it in front of their parents and show that they did it!


子ども達が英語を話す意欲を高め、楽しんで英語を使えるよう、様々なフレーズを伝えています。今週は、”I’m proud of myself “というフレーズを学びました。セントラルプールでは、ほとんどの子どもが頭まで水の中に沈むことが出来たり、初めてのなぞり書きの時間では、上手に線をなぞったりと、自分でやってみることができる場面もありました。自分で出来た事、自信が持てた時に使うフレーズです。保護者の方も”I’m proud of you!!”あなたは、すごい!!と伝えてみてください。

UOI lessonDescibe my feelings

We watched the video about the feelings. There were various situations wherein we express ourselves. Kids were able to relate to the situations and how they felt about it. We also prepared pictures of situations and the children matched to the feelings on the wall. For example, when mom buys ice cream, when the spider suddenly falls on your head, when you receive a present, when it’s rainy and can’t play outside when you have a new dress, and when a stranger is following you. If they are in that situation, we ask them how they feel.

UOI レッスン-私の気持ちを説明しなさい


Outdoor play on a cool and sunny day. Kids chased with each other playing and kicking the ball, rolling the rings, jumping over the tire, and playing in the sandpit making a big tunnel.


Halloween party in Shimauchi

Today is the Halloween party that everyone is looking forward to. The gym was full of princesses, dinosaurs, anime characters, vampires, and more with maximum tension in the morning. We have livened up the mood with various decorations and the children’s crafts inside the gym. We started the party singing the ” Halloween Monster Party song” and everyone in the gym danced together to the rhythm. A lot of family gathered together and had so much fun playing the games we prepared. Everyone was satisfied and went home with a smile with their treat bags with snacks and toys inside. We would like to express our gratitude to the families who took time out of their busy schedules to join us. Happy Halloween!



We rewarded one of our students who has been a risk-taker of the day. Risk-taker is one of the Learner Profiles of this unit and it means trying new things to make themselves better. She has been asking for a small amount of food and suddenly, she asked the teacher “Can I have a big lunch, please?” Then she tried to eat and showed us her good plate. We are so proud of you our little girl.

Risk-taker”挑戦する人”の子どもを表彰しました。Risk-takerはこのユニットの学習者プロフィールの一つで、自分をより良くするために新しいことに挑戦することを意味します。彼女は今まで少量の食べ物を要求していましたが、 “Can I have a big lunch, please? “と尋ねました。そして、私たちに完食皿を見せてくれた。私たちはあなたをとても誇りに思っています。 We are so proud of you!

Everyone must be tired. Please have a rest and enjoy your weekend.