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LET’S LEARN ABOUT STRANGERS- Aurora Oct. 16th-20th

Hi everyone!
This week, our campus conducted our very first true-to-life stranger-danger drill. An actor portraying a stranger came to our campus while our youngsters were playing in the schoolyard. The students had no idea about the drill or the stranger who would come to our campus that day to test their knowledge in case something like this happens. We observed the behavior of our young ones and watched how they would react if a real stranger entered the school. We were surprised at how attentive they were! When the teachers blew the whistle and asked them to go back inside the classroom quickly, everybody stopped playing and followed the teachers’ instructions. Even though they didn’t know what was going on, everyone did a job well done! After the drill, our little ones kept asking if the stranger was still around the campus. It’s good to know that they really understand how dangerous a stranger can be. We also taught them the things they need to do if a stranger approaches them, such as the following:


  • Don’t go with a stranger.
  • Don’t get in the stranger’s car.
  • Please shout and ask for help.
  • Run away from a stranger.
  • Inform the parents/teachers or other people.

In Unit 3, we are learning about “How We Express Ourselves.” Our kids are enjoying learning about various expressions and listening to different songs on this topic. As part of the lesson, students are now playing with costumes in our workstation, such as princess dresses and Halloween costumes, to help them learn how to express themselves through play. They love portraying some of their favorite characters and talking about Disney and Halloween characters. Through this play, children develop social skills such as sharing, cooperation, and communication. They are also becoming risk-takers by learning and trying new things.

Everybody is looking forward to our Halloween party! During our free time or lunchtime, we like sharing what costume we’re going to wear to the party, and everyone is so excited!
As we head to our next event, our young ones made some spooky crafts. They made a bat and a colorful monster. Here’s a glimpse of how they made them.

Have a great weekend everyone!