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Feelings living in my house- Canyon(October 31-November 2)

Hello everyone,

Despite cold mornings, we still enjoy the warm sunshine when playing outside. The kids had fun playing on the play equipment they wanted to play. Some of the kids were very proud showing us that they can ride on the bar with their feet up and holding the bar. They played nicely taking turns to the swing and helped pushing their friends. Chasing with each other made them sweat a lot and got hungry when we were back to school.


UOI- Feelings living in my house

We discussed the bring-home worksheet the kids did with their parents. They cut the feelings pictures and stuck them on the house we printed. We asked each of them to present in front of their friends. Some friends say.. I’m happy when… My dad gives me a snack, when eating dinner with the whole family, when I eat my favourite foods and drinks, when my dad come home from work; and I’m sad when… I can’t see my mom, when my mom scolded me; I’m surprised when… I got a surprise cake, and got a new toy. They were all so proud presenting in front of their friends.

UOI- 家の中で感じた表現


Welcome to our new friends

This week, we welcomed two new friends who joined the class. It’s sad being separated from their moms but old students cared and played with them so they feel relieved and able to spend their day nicely.


Enjoy the 3-days holiday. See you on Monday.