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Rainforest, Autumn and Festivals: October 30- Nov 2

Rainforest had a great time at the park. Not just playing at the playground, we were fascinated by nature’s lovely autumn colours. The gorgeous autumn foliage reminded us of the song we sing in class. We tried to identify the various trees. We spotted pine trees, gingko trees and compared their leaves – fan shaped leaves and needle pines. This is sharp! Look this is a fan shape too. Is this a cone? Like ice cream cone? Good questions Rainforest! We linked it to our concepts on 3D shapes – cones, cylinders, cubes, cuboids. We picked some to bring back to class. We created zodiac animals with them! We made dragons, rats, rabbits and even snakes. Nature is our learning playground!

We learned that during oshogatsu flying kites is a popular pastime. We made Takoage with paper plates. Will it fly? We need to tie here, we need a tail. Is it windy? Much inquiry and learning took place. When the wind picked up, we dashed to the schoolyard to try our experiments. Even when the winds died down, Rainforest still had fun. We can just run with it, someone said!

A big thank,Parents for sending us photographs of your various celebrations and festivals. We had a good time of sharing. Rainforest shared about themselves in Halloween parties, birthday celebrations, Shichigosan – kimono and chitose ame , Oshogatsu- osechi ryori and Hina dolls. They were able to share at least 3 points about themselves in the celebration or festival. They answered questions from their friends. The teachers chipped in to ask some questions and attempted answers too.

One of Savanna’s parent brought a koto to class and played “Sakura, Sakura Desu” the beautiful traditional music in Sakura Festival. We had a fruitful week! We having been singing the song ‘Celebration’ for the unit. The class loves this song which is perfect for this coming Culture Day too. Please see link below. Have a fabulous long weekend. Till next week, take care!