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Let’s find the letter Ee- Canyon(November 20th-24th)

Hello everyone,

We started the week thrilled and excited. The circus came to the campus and entertained everyone with their talents and abilities. Canyon students’ eyes kept an eye what will be the next performance they will show us. Everyone gave a big applause to the amazing entertainment they did for us.


We enjoyed the warm weather this week and Canyon students enjoyed moving their bodies and playing outdoors. Canyon’s “My Boom” now is playing with tires. Boys and girls used their energy rolling the tires, sitting in the hole, pretending to swim, and posing between the holes. They use their muscles to grab and roll the tire to make them strong, as they use their mind to think how they can play with them.

今週は暖かい天候に恵まれ、体を動かして外遊びを楽しみました。今週のキャニオンの “マイ・ブーム “はタイヤ遊び。男の子も女の子も、タイヤを転がしたり、穴に入ってお家やお風呂に見立ててたりして楽しみました。穴から覗いて、「ハイ、ポーズ!」かわいい写真も撮れました♡タイヤを起き上がらせたり転がしたりするのも容易ではありません。足腰を使いながら上手に起こしたり転がしたり引っ張ったりと方向転換をしながら自分の思う場所に持っていく事ができました。

This week, Kids learned how to trace the letter Ee. They enjoyed coloring the elephant and the envelope. Then we did the activity “Finding the upper case E and the lower case e” Everyone used the lenses and walked around the classroom. They can ‘t stop roaming around and had a blast finding Ee. Well done, Canyon!


Have a great weekend! Keep warm and see you on Monday.