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Be Your Character-Shooting Star-Nov. 20-24


Welcome to our second to the last blog for the month of November.

After getting familiar with the characters, the songs, and the emotions of the story, The Bremen Town Musician, Shooting Star class had finally decided what character they want to play on the Christmas Show. This week, we continued working on practicing the lines individually every morning and it’s wonderful to know that students have got to memorize their lines smoothly. We also practiced the stage positioning, the enter and exit, the dance steps, and using appropriate voice and emotions.

We learned the CVC words with -ot word family like rot, cot, not, dot, pot, hot, and shot. First, we sang the ABC song to practice the sound of the letters, then we reviewed the sounds of the alphabet. We also sang the CVC song with short o sound and we read some CVC words mentioned in the song. Then, we moved on to our target lesson which is reading CVC with -ot word family. We practiced reading the CVC words and we carried out the CVC race game after the lesson and everyone had so much fun. We learned through play!
We did lowercase letter t writing worksheet. Be began the lesson by reviewing the lowercase letters from a-z and a class discussion on how to write it with the right strokes. Then, students worked on the writing task individually and after they finished doing the worksheet, they did sensory activity by using their play dough to make words that start with letter t like tomato, tortoise, and tiger.

We went to Nambu gym for our Gym lesson. We spent time doing physical exercises, obstacle course, games, and lots of running. The gym was filled with laughter during our session.

We enjoyed walking to Nambu park. Though, the hike was long, we fancy talking whatever things we see along the way like miniature apples, shrubs with red berries, trains, helicopters, and airplanes. Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we already get to the park because our eyes are being caught with the wondrous sight around us. This week, we had the chance walking to the park with Milky Way students. We had fun playing in the play structure and playing with autumn leaves.

Have a nice weekend everyone.