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Memories to Cherish−Canyon( December 18th−22nd)

Hello everyone,

We had a wonderful week spent busy doing a lot of things. The temperature dropped and was almost freezing every day. We beat the cold weather by moving our bodies running and chasing each other in the park. After playing with the play structures, we transferred to the track and field area where we did the race dividing the class into two groups. It was a long distance to run for our youngsters but they did their best until they reached the goal. Well done, Canyon.

今週は、いろいろなことに忙しく過ごした1週間。気温が下がり凍えそうな朝だったが、公園で走り回ったり、追いかけっこをしたりして、体を動かし寒さに打ち勝ちました。遊具で遊んだ後は、グランドの方に移動し、2つのグループに分かれてリレーをしました。最後には、担任も一緒に加わり走りました。 同じチームの子を応援しながらとっても盛り上がりました。

Before a long holiday, we clean our room and put away the stuff we don’t need. Canyon students cooperated in cleaning the tables, chairs, and lockers. It feels good to welcome the new year with everything clean and organized.


We had a wonderful time having a popcorn party while seeing the video. Kids helped take the corn kernels patiently using their cute little fingers. Kids enjoyed watching the popping corn while Ms. Ayako put them in the pan. Feels like they were in the movie theater enjoying the popcorn while watching the short video about Christmas.

楽しみにしていた、ポップコーンパーティー。午前中、子ども達はかわいい指を使って根気よく実を取るのを手伝ってくれました。お昼寝の後、パーティの始まりです。コーンをフライパンに入れポップコーンが弾ける様子にドキドキ、香ばしいポップコーンの香りにワクワクしている様子。かわいいカップに入ったポップコーンを片手に、クリスマスのショートムービーを見ながら、まるで映画館にいるような気分でパーティを楽しみました。最後に「I love popcorn Party!!」で写真を撮りました。

Earthquake Drill

We did an earthquake drill pretending to have a party in the music room when the shaking occurred. When we heard the alarm, everybody dropped down on the floor and covered their head. Canyon students did a very good job listening to the teacher’s instruction. We used the outside stairs to evacuate to the parking area. Canyon students listened well while we talked about the rules, O-sanai don’t push, HA- shiranai don’t run, SHI – zuka ni keep quiet, MO – doranai don’t go back, to remember when there’s an earthquake. You did a good job, Canyon.

今月の地震の避難訓練は、2階から外階段を使って避難しました。警報が鳴ると、みんな床に伏せて頭を覆いました。揺れがおさまると、外階段を使って駐車場に避難しました。お‐押さない、は‐走しらな い、し‐静かに、も‐戻らない、の4つの約束を守り上手に避難が出来ました。クラスに戻ってからも、隠れる机がない場合、しゃがんで頭を守る事、ダンゴムシのように小さくなり地震がおさまるのを待つ事を話しをしました。

Our last day was busy packing up all the things to bring home. It’s sad to know that one of the Canyon friends will move to Tokyo for his dad’s transfer. Everyone made a good memory of him playing in the yard together for the last time. We had a farewell party for him. All Canyon friends drew their faces wrote their names and made a card for him. Parting time was sad but we played the musical chair game and ended it happily with smiles on their faces. It’s sad to bid goodbye but we are looking forward to seeing you again. We love you and we will miss you.


Canyon’s “my boom” in playing indoors and outdoors.


To dear parents, thank you for this year and your continued support. Hope to see everyone’s smile next year. Have a prosperous New Year.