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Happy Holidays-Shooting Star-Dec. 18th-22nd


Welcome to Shooting Star’s last blog for 2023!

After the Christmas Show, we slowed down a bit and had a restful week.

We spent time learning the last group of short o CVC words with-od word family. First, we sang the ABC song together and had a short review of the letters and the sound it represents. Then, we practiced reading the CVC words with short o sound that we learned the previous months. It was wonderful to hear students reading in unison. Take note! We didn’t only read them, but we also learned their meaning. After reading the CVC words, the teacher introduced the -od word family. We learned new words like nod, sod, cod, rod, and pod. We learned them by sounding the letters first then, read them as a word and after that we used a flashcard with a CVC word and picture on it to understand the meaning of the word. We read and understand the meaning of the CVC words at the same time. The last thing that we did was spelling and matching type activity. Shooting Star students showed a great deal of improvement on their reading and writing literacy.

It’s almost Christmas! Everyday we count the remaining days before Christmas eve. Some students are excited for Santa to come with a present. Ho, ho, ho, ho! We made a Christmas Tree craft by decorating the pine cone with beads and shiny stickers available in the class. Everyone sensed a feeling of fulfillment after decorating their own Christmas Tree. Wow!

Before going for winter vacation, we did a class general cleaning. We wiped our locker, table, chairs, and the floor with a wet cloth. Everyone took part in cleaning Shooting Star class.

All classes celebrated the Birthday party together for all ISN students born in December in the Music room and three of them are from Shooting Star class. Everyone had so much fun watching the magic brought to us by Ms. Sayuri. The said party was ended up with a Mickey Mouse March flash mob music performed by teachers.

We also had our earthquake drill without announcement. The moment students heard the alert, they rushed quickly under the table amid play time. Good job, Shooting Star!

Finally, we spent ample time playing in the park.

Have a wonderful holidays. See you next year!