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Canyon’s transportation tour- March 11th-15th

Hello everyone,

We were lucky enough to be blessed with good weather to enjoy our transportation tour. Our purpose was to see the different types of transportation. We brought the transportation map and checked what we saw. Canyon students were thrilled about our tour when we got on the bus. First, we visited the park where we saw the steam locomotive train. Everyone was amazed and tried to get closer, touching and holding some parts of the old train. They were able to say some characteristics of the train they saw. Some students say… “It has big tires, they are very hard! I like black, it’s cool! It’s long! After we enjoyed seeing the train, we proceeded to our next destination, to see the airplane’s departure. While heading to the next destination, kids tried to find the transportation they saw on the road. Kids described what they saw and said “It is long! It’s big! It’s fast! When the plane took off in the sky, they tried to run in the direction in which the airplane ran and took off and waved goodbye. After seeing the plane, we spent a little time in the park and played. Then we headed to the train station and the kids saw many trains stopping by. On our way back to school, we passed by the bus company parking area, and there, the kids saw many buses. On the road, they also spotted a lot of different types of transport and were able to name them while they pointed them. That was a wonderful tour and the children enjoyed it.

It was a special day for Canyon students and they were able to have the chance to explore in Savanna’s classroom. All 4-year-old students went to observe and experience how do Savanna students spend their day at school. They played together, they ate their lunch together and they learned how Savanna students behave in the classroom. Savanna students were very kind to them and they taught our younger ones what to do especially their routine during lunch time. Savanna Students, thank you for the warm welcome and your kindness. Canyon students were motivated and excited to be the next Savanna soon. On the other hand, our 3 years old kids stayed in the classroom and half of Savanna students came and they ate lunch together. Our little ones were glad having Savanna students in our classroom.

We are almost through with our alphabet and phonics lesson. We learned the alphabet T and U this week. After tracing the alphabet U, we did a fun activity “Jumping on the puddle”. We played the music and the children danced walking around the alphabet on the floor. When the music stopped they had to jump on the alphabet U puddle. When they can’t step on the U puddle they will be the loser and they have to stay at the side and cheer for their friend. They all did their best but in the end, only one person can be the winner. You did a good job, Canyon!

After the heavy snow and outdoor play

Next Monday, we will have a Farewell party for the Rainforest students. We will be singing a song for them. Attached below is the song. Please sing with the kids at home.

Thank you for this week. Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday.