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Conclusion of things: Savanna 3.11 – 3.15

Our time in Savanna went by so quickly. Time flies indeed, but the good thing is that the Savanna students were good pilots and they were able to navigate their way to success with flying colors! Tag along as we share with you our adventures this week!

We had our Summative Assessment for our inquiry about Community Helpers this week. The students were so excited to share what they knew about the topic: They decided how they would want to help the community helper in the future first and make a puppet to present to the class with some details like the place where they work, tools they use and how they perform their job.

We even had a role-playing activity where they were given a scenario and they decided which of their chosen community helper best fit the scene! It was lovely to watch how their English skills have gone up and have come up with their own script! Cute!

Before we finally put our writing practice to an end for this school year, we had a sorting game to see if our little inquirers have already memorized the 3 types of letter. They all aced the activity and finished it quickly.

Our review lesson for Phonics was fun, too! The Savanna’s students ability to identify the letter that matches the sound was tested, but they did well and was able to spell words without teachers help!

We also played with numbers during our outside play this week: The teacher will call a number and the students need to write the number on the ground. Most of them could write the numbers correctly now, but when one makes a mistake, the whole class helps and write number correctly together!

The donation drive project of our little rescue team caught the eye of our local media: The local newspaper featured the class and told the community about the project! I am sure that the readers were not just in awe about how great out little Savanna are, but also were inspired of their initiative to extend help!

One more week and we will all be ready to move on, but until the day we say goodbye, we will never stop making memories that we will remember when we look back! For now, this has been the conclusion of things for us, a wonderful journey in Savanna: lots of learnings, lots of fun, lots of good things to remember!

Till our last and final blog! Have a good weekend!