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LET THE LEARNING BEGIN!- Canyon Apr. 8th-12th

One of the best parts of spring is that beautiful flowers begin to bloom again; bees and butterflies start to recollect life from them. Who doesn’t like spring, do you?! Like our little ones enjoying the season, they made a beautiful and colorful butterfly craft. They stuck the colorful transparent papers on the butterfly. This activity aims to boost students’ cognitive skills, creativity, and imagination. Well done, Canyon!

It was a rainy and windy Tuesday, so our young ones didn’t have the chance to go outside and play. We had a fun-learning activity in the classroom instead. We danced and sang songs and learned numbers at the same time. We held each other’s hands, formed a big circle, and learned how to run, jump, hop, sleep, swim, tiptoe, walk, and stop. We also counted our steps along with the song. These exercises taught our beginners to learn new English vocabularies and be comfortable with their new environment and friends.

This week, we started for the very first time our OUI lesson. In this Unit, we are going to learn about Who We Are – “Myself”. We will talk about the things we like and about being “the same and different”. To begin with, we first discussed our Learner Profile – “Balanced”. We learned that being balanced means “looking after ourselves” through walking nicely in the hallway and classroom, sitting nicely and quietly during the lesson, listening to the teachers, and making a nice line. Our youngsters also enjoyed listening to the story, “Hello Friends”, where they learned how to introduce themselves in English when someone asked them, “What’s your name?”. We practiced saying “I’m __.” Aside from that, we also shared in the class the things and foods we like. Some students said, “I like popcorn and ice cream”, “I like robots”, “I like astronauts”, etc. Then, we compared the things they like with their friends to see if they have the same or different favorite foods and toys. To understand more about what is “same” and “different,” we asked some students to come to the front of the class to see if their friends have the same face, height, and gender. As we started our UOI activity, we first danced to “head, shoulders, knees, and toes” to review our body parts, then we proceeded to our activity, “My Face.” We asked our youngsters to look in the mirror and identify their facial features such as the color of their eyes, hair, how many noses they have, and their mouth. Then, they chose the eye color they wanted along with other body parts and pasted them on the face on their worksheet. Our little ones really enjoyed this activity!


In their first music lesson, the students enjoyed a variety of activities in a short period of time, including singing Japanese songs, moving their bodies to the rhythm, and even holding castanets. They were also taught how to hold the castanets properly and were able to hit and hold them well to the rhythm of the piano.

Here is our dance exercise for this month.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!