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THIS IS ME- Canyon Apr. 15th-19th

Hi everyone!
This week was quite busy yet full of fun-learning experiences for our little ones!
In our UOI lesson, we continued our discussion about “Myself”. We reviewed the activities we did last week, danced and sang a new song, and then they had a presentation. They were called one by one to stand in front of the class to present their activity. We also practiced saying, “this is me”. It was the first time for some, but everybody did an excellent job in their presentations!

As we continuously learn about how to be “balanced,” our youngsters have determined how to apply it during lunchtime. We practiced how to eat nicely, hold chopsticks, spoon, and fork properly, and what makes a good or bad plate. Maybe for other kids, vegetables are not their comfort food, but at school, we are encouraging them to eat vegetables to grow healthy and at least try to finish their lunch and make a good plate. It was good to see our young ones doing their very best to be balanced every day at school. Keep it up, Canyon.

Safety first!
This week, we conducted our very first Earthquake Drill. We explained to them what an earthquake is, what happens when it occurs, and the safety precautions we have to take. When the bell rang, we pretended that an earthquake was occurring so our youngsters covered their heads, hid under the table, and when the earthquake stopped, they put on their hats for their safety, then evacuated from the building. We gathered at our schoolyard to talk about the do’s and don’ts such as:
O (Osanai) – Do not push your friends
HA (Hashiranai) – Do not run
SHI (Shaberanai) – Do not talk
MO (Modoranai) – Do not come back

Another first time happened this week! It’s getting warmer now, and it’s a perfect time to play and have fun at the park! Our little ones were so excited when they were told that we would go to the park. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the season around the campus going to the park. We had so much fun playing on the swing, slide, animal springer, and collecting some flowers. Some of them said they want to bring home the flowers they collected to give to their mom. That’s so sweet of you, Canyon!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
See you all on Monday!