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Fun filled and busy week! RF

We are curious learners who love to work with our hands! The RF children made Hinamatsuri crafts to go with this festive holiday next week. At the end of the day, everyone shared how much they enjoyed making crafts and wished they could do it everyday! 


As we wrap up the last unit of UOI, the children share what they have learned in this unit about sharing the planet. We have looked at what are natural resources and what are man made, in conjunction with the different resources human beings have been using since civilization. They found out about the problem of using non-renewable resources, and how they are causing global warming. In the end of the unit, we looked at ways that we can help salvage and perhaps reverse the damages that we have done to our planet earth. Together, we can all be Earth saving heroes if we all do our parts, and change the way we have been exploiting the limited resources available! Thanks to all the families who have pledged to help as well! This week the children were busy working on their final projects that they will present to the Canyon class. We just love it when their creative juices are working! These projects look amazing!


The children have been enjoying a lot of free play time these few weeks. They get busy searching for things they are interested in, among other things, they make projects based on what they have found online. The children gave their best when it came to math and phonic lessons. As we come to our last stretch of the school year, the children continue to stay curious and research for answers or work together during their free play time. That is what I call real learning!