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The challenge continues RF 9/6

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, the children gradually realized what it takes to work as a team. Through the challenges that they have been facing these days, they learned how to be open-minded and accept different opinions other than their own. They learned how to communicate in a more caring way, as well as, using words like “we”, “us”, or “let’s” instead of I, me, my. They worked as a team to build the tallest tower using pasta noodles and other tools supplied. They communicated with their teammates about how to delegate the jobs and each one did their part to help. 

この数週間の間に、子どもたちはチームとして働くために必要なことを徐々に理解していきました。この数週間で直面した課題を通して、子どもたちは心を開き、自分以外の意見を受け入れることを学びました。また、I, me, myではなく、we, us, let’sなどの言葉を使うことで、より思いやりのあるコミュニケーションをとることができるようになりました。パスタなどの限られたアイテムを使って、チームに分かれて、一番高いタワーを作りました。チームメイトと仕事の分担についてコミュニケーションをとり、それぞれが自分の役割を果たしていました。

We went on a nature walk to collect items for our next teamwork project. The children used the materials supplied and created their team “monster” posters. Some children were asking their teammates for opinions as they created their monsters, some were asking where to add the items, while others still fought over what they wanted instead of asking for the team’s consensus. They still have quite a long way to go as far as learning about what real teamwork is. The goal is to help them realize how working together can achieve a common goal, and that they find joy in working with each other.


The children’s other team challenge was to replicate a block structure by imitating from the pictures given. The points were given not only on how fast they can accomplish the task but also if they had made the exact copy of the structure. The focus was also on did they communicate with each other? Did they talk about who is going to get what pieces? And how they are going to assemble them together. Most of the children were able to replicate within a minute, and some communicated well with each other, while others needed some reminders. For the most part, they all had fun.


This week’s reading and writing, children learned about punctuations, wrote sentences from a list of choices given. They practiced writing the sentence, “One time, I ….” We will be spending some time practicing this style of writing and children always draw a picture to accompany what they have written. As for phonics and guided reading exercises, we continue to work on reading comprehension skills as well as phonemic awareness. 

今週のリーディング&ライティングでは、子どもたちは句読点について学び、与えられた選択肢のリストから文を書きました。そして、”One time, I …. “という文章を書く練習をしました。また、子どもたちは書いたものに必ず絵を添えています。フォニックスやリーディングの時間では、音を認識するだけでなく、読解力の向上にも引き続き取り組んでいます。