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Rainbow Nagano: What a week!

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Rainbow blog! This week we have learned numbers of vegetables and their names. As for last month we have learned the fruits, this will be a great chance for them to identify which is fruit and which is vegetables. We distributed the handouts titled “Circle the vegetables”, the Rainbow kids had to review on their memories and circle the vegetables correctly. Guess what, All of them got at least 90 percent of the right answers. Some of us can even pronounce the name of the vegetables and fruits, that concluded the overall assessment of the learning of vegetables! Great Job Rainbow!


We had something special about the music lesson this week. The teacher put the papers with various shapes on the floor and asked to us pick the right shapes that she mentioned. We were give three shapes to pick: “Circle, Triangle and square.” This was like the “Karuta” and we had fun in it. Besides that, we have to clap according to the sound of each shape. This has greatly enhanced the listening and recognize skills of our Rainbow kids. Next, we were given a hand-held bell, we play the bell according to the piano sounds that played by the teacher. We were able to recognize three sounds of the pace, which are slow, medium and fast speed.
最後に三拍子のスウィングを学びました。”海”の曲に合わせて身体を左右にワン、ツースリーと揺らす練習をしました、少し難しかったですが先生のピアノ、掛け声を聞きながらがんばりました☆ 来週のレッスンも楽しみですね。

We also uploaded the hand-held bell activity videos below:

Next is our gym lesson! We missed moving our bodies at the gym so much and the Rainbow kids were so excited for it. For this week, we have done many activities with the mat. The teacher first asked us to warm up our bodies by stretches and running around the gym. This is absolutely enjoyable time for us when we can run free! The instructor called us to stop and did different moves anytime in the running time. Rainbow kids pay attention and show respect to the instructor, we always listen so that we know what to do. Then, we did our first activity on a mat: open and close jumping. Each of us jumped twice in order, first is open legs followed by close legs jump without stepping on the ropes on the mat. Then we did the human train. We first hold the ropes with the both of our hands, and the instructor is at the back. The instructor gave the commands such as “Go, stop, & go back” and we had to act accordingly. After that, we did the tug of war using the rope, which each kid sit with the instructor and take turn to pull the rope. Lastly, we walked in four-legs on the mat. We had so much fun this week and we look forward to next week as well. See you all!