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The great “art”venture (Rainforest: Oct. 21 – 25th)

Hello everyone,

This week we continued our studies and although we had a break in the middle of the week, we still came together to learn more things in class.

This week in class in phonics we continued our look at vowel teams in class. We studied how to use them in creating new words. For example if we heard a word with a long E vowel sound, we could use the “ee” or “ea” vowel team to complete the word. Examples words for this could be “feet” or “meat”. To practice this in class the kids were put into groups and had to complete words using vowel bricks. As they completed the word another person in the group had to write the word down on the group paper. The students had to use teamwork to complete spelling the words and writing the words correctly which was nice to see.



For UOI this week, continued our look at lines and how we can use them to make shapes in class. We learned two new types of shapes in class. The importance of this was that it showed our shapes can be used for other areas of art and serves as the foundation for art. The students got to practice this by creating an art picture using two shapes as well as a painting only using shapes in class. The got the students exposed to the many types of shapes that lines can create, geometric or organic shapes.


The students this week also got to go to an art museum this week and see many types of arts. They got to see how the many artists got to express themselves when they created their artwork.


Have a great weekend!