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Rainforest (July 1st – 5th)

In Rainforest class this week was another busy classes surrounding more areas of Japanese culture. We looked at food, traditions/festivals, and language. For these areas we made crafts, watched videos, and played games to help us learn more about these parts of Japanese culture. The children has fun seeing the many different parts of Japan.

In phonics we finished looking at compound words. We also looked at words that could be read by looking similar words we learned. This helped lead us to reviewing the different ways to read words that we have been looking so far. We looked at, in addition to looking at similar words, we reviewed silent “e” words, syllables, compound words.

Gym was very fun. It was great seeing everyone interact and play together. I enjoyed seeing the teamwork and energy shown on gym day. The teamwork that was shown with the big group circle was impressive. The students also had fun at tennis this week learning more how to play the sport.

This was a nice week. We worked more on working together in class and learned many new things this week about phonics and Japanese culture.
Thank you,
Scott Combs