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Canyon July 1-5

Hello, everyone!

This has been a very exciting and fun week for Canyon students! We had our Gym Open Day last Wednesday! Everybody enjoyed that day because they did different physical activities with their Mommies and Daddies. You can see the smiles on their faces how they had fun doing those warm up activities. We really appreciate your presence and participation dear parents. Thank you so much for coming!
We started Unit II Trans-disciplinary Theme: How We Organize Ourselves with the Central Idea “We clean up after ourselves.” This month, we focuses about “Clean and Dirty”. They were able to identify which is clean and dirty. We also discussed about ways how to keep our classroom clean. Examples are: clean up the toys, clean up after lunch, throw the garbage in the bin, if you drop/spill, pick up/wipe it. Canyon students are now more aware about those stuff. You could see in them their initiative when it comes to cleaning.
今月からユニット2 How we organize ourselves(私たちは自分たちをどう組織しているのか)の探求が始まりました。オーロラ/キャニオンクラスではセントラルアイディアをWe clean up after ourselves(私たちは自分たちで片付けが出来る)にしました。今月は「きれい」と「汚い」に焦点をおいています。レッスンでは色々な絵を見て、きれいか汚いかを判断することが出来ました。どのようにしたらみんなで使っている教室をきれいに保つことが出来るのか、という事についても話し合いをしました。例えば、「使った玩具を片付ける」、「ランチ後は使ったお皿、エプロン類などを片付ける」、「ごみを見つけたらごみ箱に入れる」、「食べ物をこぼしたり、落としたりした時は自分で拾って床をふく」などです。キャニオンさん達はいままで以上にこれらのことに気が付いて、自分たちで出来るようになってきました。

Canyon students are also learning about landforms such as: mountain, volcano, forest, cave, desert, and water forms like beach, sea, river, pond, lake, etc.
In phonics, our focus is letter L. We watched a video about letter L. After that, they were able to sing and sign words that start with the letter L. 🎵🎶L is lion, L is leaf, L is for lizard, L is ladybug, L is for lollipop, L is lamb, L is for ladder, L is for L…
In numeracy skills, we started to recognize and show quantity of numbers 1 to 10. We also practice counting by rote from 1 to 50 with the help of a song.
フォニックス学習では今週はLの文字に注目しました。Lから始まる色々な単語が出てくるビデオを見ました。その後みんなで動きをつけながらその歌を歌いましたが、みんなとても大きな声で歌うことが出来ました。この歌がとても気に入ったようです。L is lion, L is leaf, L is for lizard, L is ladybug, L is for lollipop, L is lamb, L is for ladder, L is for L…
Music class was fun, too! We had new exciting activities today! We used the same materials like drumsticks, colored cards, and maracas but we used them in different activities.


ランチやスナックタイムの前と後の挨拶を、その日のヘルパーさん達にお願いしています。Do you have your lunch?/Yes, we do. Put your hands together. One, two…と号令をかけます。大きな声で自信を持って言えるようになってきました!

That would be all for this week! Thanks for reading our blog! Happy weekend!