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Rainforest (June 10th – 14th)

This has been a busy week. This week we practiced “visiting” countries to get an introduction into culture and what it is. To accomplish this, we made passports in class. Next week we will really look at this word, and what it means, as we learn more about this unit. In our other activities, students are showing lots of energy and enthusiasm at the places we go each week. They had fun with the dental demonstration we has in class. The students practiced brushing teeth and learning the importance of brushing. The students did well with the telling time game for math. They really liked the game. They really enjoyed the gym activity.

The class itself is getting better at working together with room for improvement. In class the students are organized into four groups and the goal is to, on Friday, have the most points to be recognized as the best attitude group in the class. The goal being the kids work together to achieve the common weekly goal. So far it has been great getting to be with the students and try my best to teach them as much as I can.
This Friday the students also had a great time exploring the park and having our adventure.