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It’s the final countdown!


Rainforest and Milky Way students (and the teachers) are counting down the days, hours and minutes until the graduation! They are still forgetting their lines so we have a lot to work on in the next few days.

Rainforest finished our final assessment on Sharing Resources Helps the World yesterday with our trading activity. The children sat at a table and acted like a shop, trading their resources from their country.

Half of the class went around and bought what they needed for their country. For example, Kaito was Australia and we don’t make many cars so he went to Germany and Japan and got cars.

China has lots of electronics and clothing so Kantaro traded that to other countries who don’t have those.

Finally, the students looked at everything they got from other countries to make sure they acquired enough Needs and Wants that their country needed. For example, one student forgot to get oil or gas for India so how would his country make electricity or all the people to drive their motorbikes and cars?

Another student forgot to get enough fruit for his country so his people weren’t going to be very healthy.

Thank-you to everyone for the kind words, I’m moving to Osaka so if you would like to write letters or emails to me, I can give you my address! As a last special fun thing to do, I bought a large colouring poster of a comic book style map of Tokyo. The children coloured it together.

You can find ones of different cities, countries, space and other ideas online-