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We hope you enjoyed our show!! SVRF 12/15

The months of practice and hard work finally paid off this week when the children performed their Momotaro – the Peach Boy show! We hope you have enjoyed their performances and take pride in what they have achieved. I always thought it is such a big task for the five year olds to carry out a large scale of performance and the children have once again proved their outstanding abilities! All of them are great actors and actresses and certainly risk takers! Bravo for a job well done! 

We got to go to the large park by bus this week and the scenery changed from fall to winter. The children commented, “the trees are bare! No more leaves! They are naked!” It was a chilling day but the children got some great exercise running on the huge prairie. They loved the humongous play structures and being a risk taker, they tried sliding down the steep slide. It was so much fun! 

The children really enjoyed making houses for the various insects and creepy crawlers. They worked hard sorting the insects into the different color houses, as well as making one for the non-insect plastic animals. The children continued to practice reading easy reader books together and some found it such an enjoyment they asked to read those books during free play time. 

This week’s gym the children practiced their balance and tumbling skills。