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The real goodbye! SVRF 3/24

This is the season of bidding farewell and wishing for a better future for everyone. This week we sent off our only graduate in our class. The Canyon and Savanna students made their farewell gifts for our Rainforest friend. It was a surprise assembly and the event brought tears to our eyes to see our students matured over the years. We wish him all the best as he moves on to first grade!  

We also made special certificates for the Savanna students as they completed preschool and will move on to kindergarten (Rainforest Class) in April.  They all did a great job staying enthusiastic in learning new things, as well as being mature thinkers who ask questions. We hope their curiosity helps them enjoy the next chapter of their learning. Congratulations!   

Our snails have grown from their eggs since last autumn. Over the winter they hibernated and grew bigger than we thought. Now that spring is here, it is time to bid farewell to them as well. We went to the shrine to release them into the forest. We wish and hope they will be happier living outside, just being free roaming around in the infinite space that nature provides. So long snails! May you grow strong and enjoy being with your family! 

During gym, the students tried the jump rope challenge that they will be practicing when they start Rainforest class. It was hard but they all did a great job! They are looking forward to the new challenges as they march onward to kindergarten! Thanks to Ms. Shino for a wonderful year of fun! 

The children really enjoyed this year’s dry winter season where they were able to run free under the nice sunshine. The fun never ends when we get together! Keep on discovering things you will see along the way! 

This year, the children have grown so much and matured in their skills. Whether it is reading, writing, creative expression, math, science related or speaking in front of the class or the parents, they have nailed it! Not only are they getting better in penmanship, they also really enjoy writing notes/letters to and with each other. They  are able to decode simple CVC blends and high frequency words, in addition, to enjoy reading simple books using the various reading strategies. We are so proud of them for reaching their milestones!