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Rainforest: Being Responsible with Good Healthy Habits_May 22-26

Daily routines are important. We make responsible choices to stay healthy. Rainforest students have been keeping up with their toothbrushing and handwashing. We keep our classroom clean too. How about resting well? The class was tasked with asking their mummies and daddies – What is my bedtime?

(Children 6 to 12 years of age should sleep 9 to 12 hours per 24 hours on a regular basis to promote optimal health, according to American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

We dusted glitter on our hands as ‘germs’. Those little shiny glitters were sticky. We shook hands, did our high-fives and yet our palms were still glittery! We reviewed good handwashing techniques and managed to get our hands clean again, phew!

We created a ‘Farm’ – our pretend play corner in the classroom. Each farmer decided what they wanted to grow. Carrots were popular. Out of paper, we crafted potatoes, onions, strawberries, cabbages, and cucumbers. We learned that some vegetable like potatoes and carrots are root tubers. They grow in the ground, but strawberries grow and creep along the ground. Rainforest enjoyed creating their fruits and vegetables – ‘I like decorating the sign, I like colouring and cutting, I made these Grandma Carrot and Grandpa Carrot, Making onions make me happy, I like the small carrot, I like drawing Mr Sun.’

We started digraphs this week with /sh/ as in sheep, brush, fish, dish. We had a mystery bag and pulled out objects with /sh/ sound. Next, we went hunting for things in the classroom with /sh/ like our toothbrushes and cash! We read a book ‘The Shell Shop’.

Till next week, take care. Happy weekend!