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Rainforest: Healthy Me Happy Me! June 5-9

Our final line of inquiry and the most important – ‘what makes me happy?’ Rainforest gave an interesting variety of thoughtful answers. Thank you! We had a video story ‘When I’m Feeling Happy’ by Trace Moroney too. We liked the idea that ‘helping someone feel happy, makes me feel really good.’

For numeracy concepts, we have been exploring the different ways to measure – temperature in degree Celsius, height and length in centimeters and the various things we can measure. Our timely red radish planting project gave us opportunities for authentic recording of numbers and facts. In our Plant Diary, we recorded the growth of our plants. With a ruler, we measured the height of a selected stem from soil surface to the tallest leaf. We counted the number of leaves on each sprout too.

We look forward to Rainforest Open Day next Monday. Till then, have a fabulous weekend!