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Our School Open Day-Shooting Star-June 5-June 9


This week we had a very successful school open day. Thank you dear parents for coming and engaging in our phonics and unit of inquiry activities. Your presence added so much fun in the class!

We began our phonics lesson by singing the vowel, “a e i o u” song which helps us remember the vowels and practice short vowel sounds easily with fun. At the end of the song, we made a funny face to have more fun. Seeing each other with a funny face brings laughter in the class. Then we started playing the game with parents. Each parent hold a picture of an object and students looked for the CVC word scattered on the table and match with their parent’s picture. Then we checked and read aloud together. We played the CVC box, too. That’s how we learn through play.

For our unit of inquiry, we finished our craft for Father’s Day. We want to appreciate our daddy for doing their role in the family. We greeted two daddies who came to our school open day a Happy Father’s Day. Then, we gently painted back and forth the white t-shirt with our daddy’s face drawing on it with green paint. Before sending it home, we want to display it on the wall in the hallway for everyone to see our wonderful masterpiece.

We walked to the park and had so much fun.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.