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Rainforest: Open Day and Happy Family Day! June 12-16

Thank you so much Parents and Grandparents for coming to our Rainforest Open Day! Rainforest students were awesome! They shared and presented what they have learned in class. Well done! They enjoyed playing Golden Bingo with Mummy and Daddy. They showed Grandma and Grandpa our Restaurant and Farm. The ‘Follow Me’ Dance was a huge success! During our reflection, Rainforest said that that was the best part! Please see link below for the dance.

We have been working on addition through games such as Snakes and Ladders. With 2 dice, we added the numbers as we counted our way to 100. In one game, we even used 3 dice! This week, we learned the digraph /ph/ as in phonics, phone, photo and dolphin. Rainforest has been spotting digraphs like /sh/ and /wh/ in our Word Hunt in the classroom.

We created a Family Day Craft. We wrote a message for our dear family. We tried the method of crayon resist – watercolour over crayon and crafted a pop-up card. We practised a song too for all our Daddies. Happy Father’s Day and Happy Family Day! Take care and have a fabulous weekend!