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Rainforest and Gojo Campus June 26-30

Firstly, a big hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Ichika and her family! They had a new addition to the family. Ichika is now a big sister and the class made her a card.

The big buzz for the whole week was the visit to ISN Elementary School Gojo campus. Together with Milky Way, Rainforest were hosted by the different grade level classes. We had a tour of the school, games and our picnic lunch. Thank you dear teachers and students of Gojo campus for taking time to organise this. We had an awesome time!!! Students in Shimauchi campus had their very first fire drill. The fire alarm was really loud but we managed to stay calm and carried out evacuation instructions well.

We have also come to the end of the unit for the theme Who We Are. The past few months, Rainforest has worked hard and learned about being healthy both in mind and body. At the beginning of the unit, each student was asked what they wanted to learn or ask a question about healthy choices. At the end of the unit during reflection in June we revisited our questions.

“Is playing with my friends healthy? Yes because I am happy!”  

“Is chocolate good for me? No. Eat less”. 

“Is strawberry healthy? Yes, strawberries give us vitamins to fight germs. And they are yummy!” 

 “Is tennis healthy? Yes, We can exercise our muscles!”

We look forward to the next theme and unit. Till then, take care and have a fantastic weekend!