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Rainforest: Teamwork and Conflict – July 10-14

We tapped on our prior knowledge and shared ‘What I Know’ about teamwork – our central idea. Rainforest said: “We worked together for our Koinobori craft. We made the table for the restaurant together. We help each other!” We looked at some photographs and pictures, and discussed how they showed teamwork. We learned a song about teamwork from Jack Hartman’s ‘Teamwork Makes the Dream Work’. We sang with accompanied actions. The meaningful lyrics were displayed so Rainforest could read them too. Please see youtube link below.

To work together as a team, we will also need to recognise signs of conflict. Our first line of inquiry for the unit – What is conflict? How does it look like? Do we have conflict in the classroom? We defined conflict as ‘argument and disagreement between people’. Feelings of anger, being upset, shouting, crying, frowning, crossing arms, pushing each other are signs of conflict when people disagree. ‘I want to play Lego but my friend say No. I’m angry!’ We dramatised scenes of conflict and had a good laugh. We named the feelings of conflict and drew them too. Rainforest students are great artists!

For Math, we learned about place values – ones, tens, hundreds with cubes as manipulatives. We reviewed our number sentences with addition to 10 and rainbow facts that add to 10. We played a Math game with dice addition ‘Who Has a Bigger Number’. With concepts of part part whole well in place, we can build up to working with bigger numbers in Math operations.

It will be Marine Day next Monday. Rainforest learned about the oceans and made their favourite marine animal crafts. Happy Marine Day! Till next Tuesday, take care and have a fabulous long weekend!