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Rainforest and Unit Wrap Up: September 25-29

Firstly, our warmest birthday wishes to our September birthday boys. Happy 6th birthday!

Rainforest has embraced the spirit of teamwork and working together even in play too. In the schoolyard, we have some tyres of various sizes. These free wheeling tyres are great for gross motor skills – building strength, coordination, and teamwork, of course! “Let’s have a relay race! This is too big. Someone help me. Teamwork please!” The class has really bonded well.

This unit has allowed us to be more aware of the need to know one another and to work together. By the end of the unit, when they were interviewed, Rainforest said: “Conflict is snatching, shouting, kicking… we have to share ideas and talk it out. I can say something to help. We can share it. We can use rock, scissors, paper to solve problems.”

The class was having a discussion about teamwork existing not only in people, animals but in machines as well. Someone asked “How about robots?” That led us to talking about how robots and machines work together too, for example to make cars. We watched a video of Nissan Factory. We made paper robots out of paper cups and weaved paper strips. We played with our robots and even read books to them! Rainforest, have fun with your robots at home.

Till next week, have a wonderful weekend.