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Rainforest: Bus Trip and New Unit October 2-6

This week’s highlight was the Bus Trip to Skypark. The weather was sunny and cool. We played at the park, watched aeroplanes take off and had a wonderful picnic! Thank you for packing the bento lunches. We went with Milky Way students from Minami campus. This was one of the objectives for the trip – a cross campus interaction to get to know other students of the same age group. We had a round of self-introduction and then it was team games!

This week we started an introduction to the new IB Theme: How We Express Ourselves. The central idea is – There are festivals, celebrations and events in Japan and around the world that are similar and different. Artefacts, books, clothes from various cultures were brought in to class as a way to engage the students’ prior knowledge. Rainforest shared what they know so far of the different festivals and celebrations, and were able to name some of the things they saw. Where is Matsumoto? Someone asked. So we decided to draw a map of Japan, locating Matsumoto and Tokyo.

For Phonics, Rainforest sorted objects for consonant blends tr-, br-, cr- as in train, brush, cracker, Is this alligator? No, it starts with cr… crocodile! Look at the word. Good reading Rainforest! Alongside double consonants, the class worked on double vowel /ee/ the long E sound as in see, Halloween, feelings. Each student made a mini book ‘see’.

Till next Tuesday, take care and have a healthy sporty long weekend.