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Rainforest and Oshogatsu Inquiry: October 23-27

Another featured Japanese festival Rainforest learned this week was Oshogatsu – Japanese New Year. We know that it falls on January 1st. We researched and gathered information about the festivals through books, the internet and past experiences. Rainforest has shown that they are Knowledgeable – one of the IB Learner Profiles for this unit. Each student was able to recall facts, write, draw and document them. These new knowledge were presented as information sheet and collage poster. A visit to the temple for Hatsumode was dramatised too. Step 1, wash hands to purify. Step 2, pull rope to ring bell… Great job, Rainforest! Many wishes were made as well. I wish that my baby sister will grow up healthy. I wish that everyone can live long life. I wish I can buy toys from Pokemon Centre. I wish to go to my friend’s house!

We made origami kimono ‘to wear’ for Oshogatsu. We created a collage to consolidate our inquiry and we had fun telling stories… “Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wore kimono for Hatsumode. After the visit to the temple, she had osechi ryori with her family.”

Here are some moments from the Halloween party. It was a great turnout, and we had so much fun! Parents, thank you for your support. Till next week, take care!