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A Big BOO To You-Shooting Star-Oct 16-27


Shooting Star class has been waiting for this week because of the Halloween party. Almost everyday prior to the event, everyone was excited sharing what they are going to wear on the day. And when the Halloween party came, not only children, but also teachers and parents had so much fun! Yes, this event was the highlight of this week. It was held at Shimauchi Gym and everyone came with their favorite character and having fun with the whole school community!

Aside from Halloween party, we are also looking forward to preparing for the biggest event of the year, the Christmas Show. Before diving into our lesson about identifying feelings, we gathered all the Christmas books for the play that we have read all throughout the week and we decided which story we would want to play on the Christmas and alas, we have picked out The Bremen Town Musician story. After that we dove into our lesson about identifying feelings and had a group task which was sorting out the kind and unkind photos and each group presented their work in front of the class after. It was so wonderful to see how they managed to work together as a team.

Our Gym lesson was filled with constant moving which builds endurance, develops strong muscles and bones, improves fine and gross motor skills, and develops better social skills. Shooting Star class actively engaged in all the activities and they have far more increased their listening skills by following the


And lastly, we spent most of our time walking to the park.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.