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Rainforest and more Festivals from Round the World: November 20-24

The circus is in town! We started the week of great fun and learning with Ikka de Circus. What a treat! The performers juggled, pantomimed, did acrobatic moves and completely enraptured the students. Rainforest students squealed and clapped. Someone even said, “I can juggle too!” Students tried tossing rings and danced along with the performers. We even went through a ‘tunnel’ with the stilt walker!

We had a guest speaker – Mr Tendai, T’s Dad who shared with us about celebrations in Zimbabwe. He brought replicas of musical instruments. Music and dancing play a big part in African festivals, birthday celebrations, and weddings. He showed us a thumb piano called Mbira, and another instrument similar to a xylophone called the Kalimba. Each had a go at it. This is easy. Makes sound like drum. I know what xylophone is. The class made a thank you card for Mr. Tendai.

Rainforest has been keeping up with their regular RAZ reading books. To motivate them to read and boost their confidence, students read to each other. They talk and discuss about the topics and pictures in the books. “Look, this book about boats. Boat carries planes, and boat carries boats too!” someone said to his shoulder partner. “The turtle and tortoise have shells,” another student explained, pointing to the photographs.

For Thanksgiving, we made bookmarks with pressed leaves and flowers. We wrote messages and laminated the bookmarks. Thank you for working so hard for me! We had a discussion about work. Work is not just jobs in companies. We work when your Mum and Dad look after children at home, and we work to keep the house clean. My mummy looks after my baby sister. That is work. I play with my baby sister so I work. I look after my dog!

Till next week, have a fantastic weekend!