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Finding answers: Savanna 11/20 – 11/24

The Savanna class has been inquiring about different World Celebrations for almost a month now, this week before we move on to another celebration, we checked the wonder wall and tried if we could answer the questions posted on it already.

Some of the questions that were answered were: Why do people wear green? “St. Patrick’s Day” (Our inquirers provided the answers and shared them with everybody): St. Patrick died in Spring, and green is the color of Spring that’s why people wear green to celebrate this festival. Why are there lots of food on the table? (Thanksgiving) Answer: People give thanks to God for the many foods that we enjoy now.

There are still more questions on the wonder wall that have not been answered yet, and we are all looking forward to meeting more guest speakers and inquiring about other celebrations around the world, and sharing the information with our family and friends.

This week, we were visited by Mr. Tendai, one of the Rainforest student’s parents. He shared with us about his country and some of its traditions and musical instruments. We had so much fun playing the instruments as we imagined that we were in Africa enjoying their festival.

Also, Ms. Ann from the Philippines, visited our class and shared about Philippine Christmas. Her presentation helped us discover the origin of Christmas and how Christians, people who believe in Jesus, especially Filipinos, celebrate this festival. The experience was extraordinary, especially the manger making and trying one of the foods that are served in Noche Buena, “Puto”.

In this week’s gym lesson, we jumped on the rope in different ways. We jumped right and left alternately with both feet together, and also crossed our legs. The gym teacher was surprised to see how much better the students were able to jump than at the beginning of the school year!

It has been another wonderful experience for Savanna. We just can’t wait to inquire more about other world celebrations and find answers to our questions.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!